SQLSaturday #656 Denmark – we were there!

SQLSaturday #656 Denmark – we were there!

It was a great weekend in Copenhagen. Kamil and I had the opportunity to give lectures during #656 SQL Saturday. I started in the morning talking about the U-SQL and Azure Data Lake (ADL). Everything went very smoothly but as always, it was good to check demos before the session. The ADL and U-SQL have new functionalities and some others were refreshed just two days earlier.Β Here you can find the details.

My second session was about Row Level Security and some practical usage aspects. I explained that it is and was possible to prepare a very similar solution on your own in all previous versions of SQL Server. We end up with a great discussion what are the benefits of RLS (Row Level Security) over the custom implementations. Take a look at the links below and check in the code/slide deck I share with you.

Kamil was talking about maintenance of the DB projects and Continuous Delivery using SSDT and Power Shell. I love the topic because this is what I do all day long and day by day. You could hear many good practical examples. He went through an SSDT in Visual Studio 2017 briefly, has explained how to cope with some common issues with the tool, focusing on a circular database references problem.Β There will be a whole series of post of the topic on this blog soon.

By the way, there were also two other colleagues from Poland. You know Bartosz Ratajczyk [T|B] from Warsaw as he is a dedicated member of ‘Data Community Poland’ group and he is one of the leaders in Warsaw. He was talking about automating the SSIS deployment process. What I like is how Bartek can explain the topic – he was really well prepared to the session.

The last speaker from Poland was Marek Matuszewski [T]. I have met him for the first time in Copenhagen and he was talking about “Reaching the Cloud on the BI Rocket”. I hope Marek will be able to join the DataCommunity.PL group in Poland and will be a speaker not only at the local meetings but also on the conferences we organize.

For the first time in my life, I have won in a raffle. I even took a photo during talking to Kamil “I am going to win that one”. And I did it!

The best part was however after the raffle – tons of hot-dogs and local beers and lot of good discussions with the attendees and other speakers!

More details about the sessions:

You can download the slide decks and code and use it.

By the way, Kamil is going to fly to #PASS Summit next month and have some great interviews there. Expect great content soon.


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