Last week reading (2018-04-29)

Last week reading (2018-04-29)

Good day SQL folks!

We have an entire week off in Poland. Well, not quite off because you would need to go to work Monday, Wednesday and on Friday but most teams have already taken days off. This is a great spring break after intensive four months of work. I hope that maybe some of you still have time to read this weekly post and be up to date what we think is important in the Data Platform world.

Azure Cosmos DB query cheat sheets

Not a blog post or article but it is useful. The Azure Cosmos DB query cheat sheets help you quickly write queries for your data by displaying common database queries, operations, functions, and operators in easy-to-print PDF reference sheets. The cheat sheets include reference information for the SQL API, MongoDB API, Table API, and Gremlin/Graph API

How to connect and perform a SQL Server database restore from Azure BLOB storage

Having things in the cloud should make life simpler but I have experienced it’s not that straightforward. Once all access / configuration is sorted out then yes, of course! But in the meantime, it can be tedious (even frustrating) and the end result is something that could have been achieved with a different method.

SQL Server 2017: How to Get a Parallel Plan

Short, but an informative article written by Dmitry Piliugin about when and how SQL Server generates a parallel plan. There is an entire collection of Dmitri’s articles and they are really worth of time reading.

Replicated Tables now generally available in Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Announced earlier last week that Replicated Tables, a new type of table distribution, are now generally available in Azure SQL Data Warehouse (SQL DW). SQL DW is a fully managed, flexible, and secure cloud data warehouse tuned for running complex queries fast and across petabytes of data

Concurrency Week: How to Delete Just Some Rows from a Really Big Table

A blog post from Brent Ozar about how to effectively delete data from a table where the TRUNCATE command is not an option.

Bonus for you at the end – GitHub repository with client library that allows Azure SQL DB or SQL Server to act as an input source or output sink for Spark jobs.

Don’t forget to listen to our interview with Pedro Lopes!



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